School project Uganda

School project Uganda

A large part of the population in Uganda has not received a basic education and therefore can neither read nor write. Our goal is to establish a new school in Chopelwor with low school fees. In this way, we enable children to receive an education and help the entire region to escape the vicious circle of poverty through a higher level of education. Low school fees leave families with more money for other expenses. This leads to a growing economy in the village and new jobs are created, which in turn ultimately fights poverty.

We are planning a school with ten classrooms where 200 children can be taught. The cost of the new building is about Fr. 100'000. So far we have collected Fr. over 60'000 and decided to start with the construction of 3 buildings. However, our goal is to build the fully planned project with 5 simple buildings for 2 classrooms each, an office for the principal and a teachers' room.

For the founding capital of the school, we have established a small founders' group that jointly raises the initial costs. This group is continuously informed about the developments.

Co-funding opportunities:

GOLD-Member Fr. 10'000.-

SILVER-Member Fr. 5'000.-

BRONZE Member Fr. 2'500.-

GOLD-Member: Fr. 10'000.-

SILVER-Member: Fr. 5'000.-

BRONZE-Member: Fr. 2'500.-

Help to give the children in Uganda a chance for a better future.

Thank you for your help.


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