In spring 2021, we realised the project of our own library. The building in which the books are housed will soon be additionally equipped with some notebooks and tablets so that the children can learn how to use digital media there. Three children will finish compulsory education next year and have to think about the future. Taban wants to study at university and the others are interested in a trade. The local counsellors organise "taster days" so that the young people can get to know the different professions better. What worries us most about the near future is the fact that Uganda is heading for famine. Due to Corona, the entire logistics in the country have collapsed and the fields could not be cultivated properly. Our first priority is to get food for our home and the villagers. It will be a huge challenge to get enough food and bring it to Chopalwor. At the moment, we are still not allowed to cross district borders, which makes the whole situation very difficult. The project "Founding and building our own primary school" is in full swing and taking shape. The plans have been drawn up, the first offers have been obtained, the costs have been calculated and talks with investors are underway.