Children Around 30 orphans currently live in our main house. The three-storey house was built at the time to accommodate up to 100 children. However, as two floors are currently occupied by the school because there are no other school rooms available nearby, we cannot accommodate any additional children. As soon as the situation changes with the construction of a new school, we would like to offer a home to 10 to 20 additional children as a first step. Due to the Corona pandemic, these plans have now been delayed. Staff For the handicapped children we would like to employ medical staff (physiotherapy, occupational therapy). We will continue to try to improve the situation for the children in this area. The construction of an infirmary near the orphanage may provide opportunities for cooperation. Infrastructure In 2020, thanks to the support of the Kolin Foundation from Zug, we were able to redesign the kitchen and the dining area. We would now like to invest in this area so that the children have a rain-protected place for homework as well as for playing, music and dance (costs around 25,000 Swiss francs).