Opening of new school building

Together with his two colleagues Bea Reichle and Pascale Koller and Brigitte Born from the association "Menschen für Menschen sein", Stefan Born, President of the Foundation Board, visited "Mothers Nest" at the beginning of November 2018.

At present, 26 orphans who can go to school and 32 children with disabilities live in "Mothers Nest". The three-storey main building, opened in 2016, is still used as a school on two floors, while "our" girls live on one floor. It was once again impressive to see what the people in charge on site - under the leadership of Father Joseph - have achieved. It is a joy to see how the children in our orphanage can develop and become young personalities.

During our visit, we were able to help with the preparations for the opening of the new school (a project of the Swiss association "Menschen für Menschen sein") and enjoy a wonderful opening ceremony the day after. Joy and sorrow are often close together. When we came home from the celebration, one of our handicapped children died on the same day (the child had been very ill for a long time). The funeral took place the following Sunday.

Many thanks to Joseph & his team and to Brigitte Born.