Happy children's eyes

At the end of November, Foundation Board President Stefan Born visited "Mothers Nest" together with Foundation Board member Kathrin Kühn as well as Pascale Koller and Bea Reichle.

Currently, 35 girls live in the orphanage "Mothers Nest" and go to school. The younger ones attend school on our premises, while some of the older ones already attend high school externally. There are also 40 children with mental and physical disabilities living in the orphanage, who are lovingly cared for and looked after.

On Saturday, we were able to participate in a newly launched project of the association "Menschen für Menschen sein" at our school. About 40 HIV-positive women meet monthly, who, after years of exclusion by family and environment, can experience a community and maintain social contacts for the first time in a long time. They are educated, can exchange experiences and are provided with healthy food for the coming month. We were all very touched to have been part of it.

And of course, the trip to the water park with all the children from "Mothers Nest" was not to be missed. The exuberant and cheerful day will be remembered for a long time.

It was great to see how the local team, led by Father Joseph, works tirelessly for all the children. They give our children structure, a sense of family and model respectful and considerate behaviour towards each other.

Many thanks to Joseph & his team and to Brigitte Born.