Children tell

WHAT GIVES YOU THE MOST JOY? "The support and security I get here at the Home of Joy orphanage". (Benjamin 18 years)

WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST WISH? "I want to become a lawyer. To defend myself and other people." (Geoffrey 15 years)

WHAT ARE YOU MOST AFRAID OF? "When I see a snake or when I hear the sounds of the wild animals from the neighbouring park". (Maxilline 15 years)

HOW IMPORTANT IS NATURE TO YOU? "Nature provides our needs. We need the air to breathe and it provides us with food and medicine." (Raymond 15 years)

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO LEARN WHEN YOU GROW UP? "I want to become a lawyer and be known all over the country. (Chris 17 years)

IF YOU HAD ONE WISH, WHAT WOULD IT BE? "I would like to become a lawyer and travel abroad. (Flavia 16 years)