Children tell

"My name is Shylaia and I attend Year 7 at St Joseph's English Medium School. I enjoyed the Christmas party very much. I like celebrations very much and they give me a lot of joy and satisfaction. I wish to become a good teacher. When I achieve my goal, I want to visit all the states in my country to learn more about the culture and tradition."


"My name is Manjula. I am very happy to be in my first year of university after achieving 10A+ in my tenth year of school. I have studied hard to achieve my goal. I am very scared of the Corona Virus. I only go outside when I need to. But thanks to the support of our appa and everyone here at Mothers Nest, I am doing well. I want to become a teacher to help other children. I enjoy my life."


"I am Bhargavi and I attend the 2nd middle school. I want to become a speech therapist and help all deaf and mute children. I enjoyed Christmas very much despite the Corna fear. I am very grateful to all the people here and in Switzerland who support me.


"I am Anusha. I attend middle school 1. My only wish is to become a nurse. The sudden terrible Corona virus in the world scares me a lot. For me, nature is very important in every part of my life and I enjoy it very much. I am very grateful that I have found my home here in Mothers Nest.