Our new project

The Foundation Board has decided on a new location. In Chopalwor, with support, it was possible to acquire land for a new facility.

We would like to expand the orphanage from 20 to 40 children and for this the following buildings are planned: 4 dormitories with 10 sleeping places each, kitchen and covered communal area, shower and toilet wing as well as a playground and sports field. The water supply will be ensured by a well with tanks and a diesel pump, and a new solar system will provide electricity. The whole facility has to be fenced off by law. Thanks to generous donations, we were able to start construction in April 2018.

Important for us is:

  • We want to provide "our" orphans with a safe and loving home, a good upbringing as well as a school education, so that these children have a perspective for a self-determined life.
  • The integration of our projects in a suitable environment and with the involvement of the local community.
  • There should be a balance between the number of staff and the number of orphans cared for.
  • As we cannot continue to expand and develop the project at the current location in Masindi, the Foundation Board has adopted the following measures:
  • Foundation of a local organisation "Heart for Children" (April 2018)